Artist Pamela Annesley in the Metal Clay Art Studio


The Metal Clay Art Studio is owned and operated by Jewellery Designer & Textile Artist Pam Annesley.


Artist Statement:

I have a compulsion to be creative. I feel I have to express myself through different mediums such as the contemporary clays and fibre arts. I have had aspirations to be an artist all my life. I can remember as a child of five I was constantly drawing or making something.

I spent much of my youth exploring several mediums, including drawing, painting, sewing and bead making.  I chose art teacher as a profession, while continuing to explore other mediums, such as photography and fibre arts. My art experience has been rich, not with any one medium, but in adding up what they all have to offer. Each has added to my sense of design and love of colour.

Life to me is an adventure; there is so much to do, to see and to try.
I am constantly exploring, innovating, and continuing to share through my artwork and teaching.

– Pam Annesley